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Founded by London’s three leading doctors, The Kensington Doctors is a space where you can receive the highest standard of care and expertise. The idea of the polyclinic is to provide a patient-centred multi-speciality service cost-effectively, providing full…

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We are a Care Quality Commission-registered clinic and uphold the same standards as a Hospital. We use the highest quality products sourced only from UK-registered pharmacies. We believe strongly in safe, effective treatments that are affordable.

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Our Specialities

Our Specialities

At our home clinic, we provide bespoke treatments that are guaranteed to exceed your expectations. We offer a range of services and feel free to contact us if you would like to have something that is not on our website.

Focused Plans

Our doctors just don’t consult. Instead, we listen, understand your problem, and develop treatment plans that will gradually transform how you look and feel for the long term. From natural skin rejuvenation to administering health concerns- we have everything in place to help you look and feel better.

Our Exclusive Women's Packages

Clinical Tests
Menopause E Check Consultation + Smear
(HPV typing) +Pelvic Ultrasound +
Breast Ultrasound +Blood
Tests(FSH +CA125 +HE4)
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Fertility Check Consultation+ Menopause Profile
(FSH, LH, Oestradiol, T4, TSH)
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Hormone Replacement
Consultation + Contraceptive
Implant Removal
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STI/Smear Testing Consultation + Procedure
(Excluding image guidance)
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Colposcopy Consultation + Colposcopy +/- Smear +/- Biopsy + Blood Test (HPV typing)
£650 Book Now
Cauterization to Cervix Consultation + procedure
£650 Book Now
Vulvoscopy Consultation + Vulvoscopy +/- Biopsy
£650 Book Now
Hysteroscopy and Polypectomy (Includes Consultation + local anaesthetic +pathology)
£1850 Book Now
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