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Gynaecology Check - Clinical Tests

Well Woman Check – Gold Package

Consultation + Pelvic Ultrasound + Smear+ HPV typing including mRNA + HE4+CA125

From £750

Well Woman Check – Silver Package

Consultation + Smear + Tests (HPV typing including mRNA + Sexual Health Screen)

From £500

Well Woman Check – Bronze Package

Consultation + Smear + HPV typing

From £350

Menopause Health Check

Consultation + Smear (HPV typing) +Pelvic Ultrasound + Breast Ultrasound +Blood Tests(FSH +CA125 +HE4)

From £1,200

Fertility Profile Or Preconception Check

Consultation + Pelvic Ultrasound + Semen Analysis + Blood Tests D2 – D5 (AMH+ FSH+ LH+ Prolactin + TSH + Oestradiol +D21 Progesterone)

From £1,000

PCOS – Standard Package

Consultation + Pelvic Ultrasound + Standard Blood test (SHBG, Testosterone, Free Androgen Index, FSH, LH, Glucose, Insulin, Lipid profile, FT4/TSH)

From £650

PCOS – Comprehensive Package

Consultation +Pelvic Ultrasound + Comprehensive Blood test (Testosterone, TSH, Glucose, HBA1c, FSH, DHEAs, Insulin, LH, 17 Hydroxyprogesterone, Lipid Profile, Prolactin, Cortisol, Anti Mullerian Hormone, Androstenedione, SHBG)

From £900

Pipelle Biopsy – Standard Package

Consultation +Pipelle Biopsy

From £450

Pipelle Biopsy – Comprehensive Package

Consultation + Pelvic Ultrasound + Pipelle Biopsy

From £700


Consultation + Bedside Ultrasound + Blood Test

From £750

HPV Vaccination

Consultation and Vaccine (Three Doses)

From £750

HPV Vaccination

Consultation and Vaccine (for one dose)

From £300

Recurrent Miscarriage Profile

Consultation + Blood tests

From £900

Hormone Replacement Therapy

Consultation+ Menopause Profile (FSH, LH, Oestradiol, T4, TSH)

From £400

Implant Removal

Consultation + Contraceptive Implant Removal

From £400

Removal Of Coil

Consultation + Procedure (Excluding image guidance)

From £350

Labia Majora Augmentation

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment