Things You Need to Know About Juvederm Lip Filler Treatments in London

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Today, let’s dive deeper into one of the innovations – Dermal lip filler employed by facial aesthetics experts across the globe. The aesthetic industry became a turning point with the use of hyaluronic acid. Juvederm lip filler in London aims to plump the lips and reduce the appearance of fine, vertical lines around the mouth with minimal invasiveness.

It works wonders in subtly defining, reshaping and adding volume to the lips while maintaining a natural look and feel. Juvederm suits those whose lips have lost plumpness due to ageing or who desire a smooth, hydrated pout without appearing overly enhanced.

How does Juvederm Lip Filler Treatment work?

Juvederm is generally composed of hyaluronic acid. It is a naturally occurring sugar molecule which reabsorbs slowly without harming over some time. Lip filler treatment offers a fuller form and improves lip shape and contour.

The lip augmentation technique enhances the lips to achieve a fuller, more contoured form. This procedure reshapes and adds definition to the lips. Typically, lip fillers, such as Juvederm, are employed for this purpose, which consists of hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance that, when injected, gradually dissolves into water over several months.

The lip filler technique enhances lips when you need more volume or shape. Hyaluronic acid gels, used as lip fillers, increase lip volume and provide a plump appearance.

Benefits of Lip fillers

Lip fillers offer a versatile range of benefits:

  • Help achieve a harmonious balance between the upper and lower lips.
  • Enhance lip contours, improving overall appearance.
  • Effectively reduce the appearance of the smoker’s lines and wrinkles.
  • Work wonders lifting drooping mouth corners, often known as marionette lines.
  • Provides volume and plumpness, perfect for those with thin lips.
  • Lengthen small mouths, giving them a fuller, more balanced look.

What Can You Expect During the Treatment?

At The Kensington Doctors, we use safe and temporary hyaluronic fillers like Juvéderm for our lip augmentation treatments. These fillers provide instant results that continue to improve over time. Our private aesthetic specialist conducts a comprehensive consultation to ensure the best outcome tailored to your unique needs and to achieve ideal facial balance. 

The treatment involves gently injecting the dermal filler into your lips or vermillion border after applying a topical anaesthetic cream to minimise potential discomfort.

While side effects are rare. Some individuals may experience:

  • Mild discomfort or swelling
  • Occasional bruising

The final results of your Juvederm treatment will become visible after approximately two weeks. It’s worth noting that the effects of Juvederm treatments tend to improve with each subsequent session, and our skilled surgeon will recommend the most suitable filler based on factors such as your age and smoking habits, which can influence the longevity of your lip filler.

Before and After: Lip Fillers Transformation

By employing the correct injection technique and understanding the structure of lip tissue, it is possible to achieve a fuller appearance without over-injecting the lips.

We also take great care to ensure that the results harmonise with your other facial features, creating subtly fuller lips that complement your facial symmetry.

The popularity of lip fillers has surged in recent years, with many individuals seeking to enhance their lip aesthetics. However, this surge in demand has also led to an increase in unqualified practitioners offering this service, resulting in numerous botched procedures and negative patient experiences. When considering Juvederm lip fillers, choose a highly qualified private aesthetic specialist.

Expertise Behind Our Cosmetic Treatments

Our private cosmetic specialists, who have undergone extensive training in plastic and reconstructive surgery, possess an in-depth understanding of facial anatomy and aesthetics. They will assess your unique requirements for lip filler treatment and administer precise and accurate injections.

Also, our highly experienced private GPs excel in performing cosmetic procedures and offer a wide range of services, extending beyond lip fillers to include surgical or non-surgical facelifts, rhinoplasty, and more. This versatility is favourably favourable for clients interested in exploring various options to enhance their appearance.

Our professionals are also well-versed in ensuring patient safety and providing the highest level of care. They prioritise the well-being of their patients. They’ll address any complications or risks that arise during or after the procedure.

Plastic surgeons leading the clinic offering lip filler treatments bring their extensive knowledge, expertise, and experience in plastic and reconstructive surgery to benefit clients. This results in precision, safety and personalised care, ultimately delivering more satisfying and enduring results.

Evolution of Facial Augmentation in Aesthetics

Facial augmentation in aesthetics has a rich and diverse history, with techniques originally conceived for reconstruction adapted over the centuries to achieve a more youthful appearance. While the fat transplantation concept dates back to the 19th century, the first injectable dermal filler we knew was paraffin. Researchers abandoned this unsettling idea when they found that paraffin granules could migrate within the body, causing embolism.

Silicone, which was celebrated for many years, experienced a setback in the early 90s when similar migration issues arose, causing it to lose popularity. This setback sparked a quest for a more “natural” alternative.

They marketed biologically derived substances like bovine collagen under the brand names known as Zyderm and Zyplast. Eventually, hyaluronic acid-based filling agents emerged as a longer-lasting and hydrating gel that simulated a naturally occurring polysaccharide.

A refinement of the collagen-based approach came with the introduction of Cosmoderm and Cosmoplast, which were similar to their bovine counterparts but derived from human collagen. This closer biological match eliminated the need for pre-treatment testing due to the absence of foreign proteins. Success rates, already high, increased further, although the longevity of the aesthetic effects improved only marginally.

Final Verdict

When selecting a practitioner for Juvederm lip fillers, it’s crucial to opt for a highly qualified medical professional to ensure the safe and effective execution of the treatment. The advice in this article will help you make an informed choice when selecting your lip filler procedure.

Remember that the expertise of the practitioner you pick will ultimately dictate the quality of your results. So, choose wisely and enjoy the benefits of Juvederm lip fillers.


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